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Reading our way through life

We're just two sisters that have the same passion. Reading, blogging, writing, and spending hours on staring at our computers. We are Juhina and Farah. We've always loved reading and after stumbling upon the blogging community in 2011 we just couldn't stay away. We mostly read young adult novels with a side of chick flicks (Juhina). The older sister: Juhina, 21 years old, a senior II Chemical Engineering student. Is counting down the days until she graduates (Jan 19, 2013 baby!) and reads, blogs, and watches wayyyyyy too many shows during her free time. She's a perfectionist, sometimes to the point of obsession, and has always taken too much responsibility than what she could handle and usually sacrifices her sleep to keep up with everything. If you know about personality tests, her personality type is INTJ. The Younger sister: Farah, 16, is a high school student. She's the more free spirited type of the two which always means that Juhina is always harping on her to do this or that. She's an artist, specializes in manga drawing, she plays her guitar, and takes instagram photography of her healthy food and living. She is aiming to be a trilingual, with English, Arabic, and hopefully French. She has no idea where she sees herself in five years so don't ask her that question!